Wednesday, 20 January 2016


By Joe Jideofor

"Apology on Ekwunife cum APC publication of Tuesday hereby apologize for the inaccurate report on Uche
Ekwunife titled "Ekwunife emerges APC Anambra central candidate".
The report was supplied by some mischievous person which,
unfortunately, we failed to verify.

Signed: Elomba Management"

Re :

Mr Daniel Elombah , Please kindly read yourself above and honestly
tell the entire world why any sane person in this world would believe
that you are a lawyer.

I know for sure that the quality of education in Nigeria has nosedived
but i can't believe that someone who claims to be a lawyer could be
this daft .

You apologized above to APC and whoever that cares to read your
everyday trash foolishly claiming that some mischievous persons or
person according to you supplied you the report which you claimed you
did not verify but equally went on to publish the above subject
falsehood from the same mischievous persons.

You are now trying to deceive some gullible amongst us by claiming
that your partners in falsehood Mr Valentine "THE LIAR" Obienyem and
Odera Ochanja  who supply 90% of the falsehood that sustain your Blog
everyday are  now "mischievous" persons.

It is this rather childish repugnance by some of our people like this
Elombah of a character that sometimes leads to resentment and even
hatred by some other ethnic groups in Nigeria against Ndigbo.

Ekwunife would jump from PDP to APC and within one week of joining the
party, she would grab the only APC ticket for Anambra central
senatorial re-run election because she is indeed the "LADY WITH THE
MIDAS TOUCH", and if APC refuses to entertain such disgusting and
brazen show of shame and opportunism then it becomes one of those
hidden agendas to always marginalize Ndigbo.

Barrister Sharon Ikeazor from Obosi has been with Gen Buhari since
they formed the defunct CPC party  and she was also among those that
negotiated the merger on behalf of CPC party that gave birth to
today's APC that these shameless political prostitutes are now
trooping to because the party is in power today in Nigeria.

  So why should President Buhari and his APC party in all honesty and
fairness deny such dedicated and committed member of the party the
only chance to represent her people in the senate ?. Or Gov. Obiano in
their warped, blurred, and demented minds spent 1Billion Naira to stop
someone who was already rejected by her party and notoriously  seen by
everybody in Nigeria  as an opportunist who always want to reap where
she did not sow.

APC as a ruling party has a very comfortable majority in the senate
and thus does not need political usurpers and opportunists like
Senator Uche Ekwunife of this world who is likely to join another
party tomorrow if that would guarantee her instant political rewards.

That is the unfortunate political tragedy of Nigeria situation.

Joe Jideofor

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