Saturday, 30 January 2016



"We consulted the Supreme court registry over the implications of the
judgement, a clerk who wants to stay anonymous said and I quote
"Supreme Court did not rule on any election matters ,election matters
that is below Governors and Presidency"
We reached out to another Anambra state legal luminary and demand a
legal interpretation of the matter and he said ,it is childish to read
people conclude that Supreme court will remove a Senator whose case in
not even before them" _ The Ijele group.


By Joe Jideofor

Odera, you mean you and your troubled group actually out of
desperation and frustrations consulted a mere supreme court "clerk"
to interpret a supreme court judgement for your group as stated

This panic and desperate move simply confirms that you guys are really
in political deep trouble as a result of this devastating supreme
court judgement and equally lend credence to the spiritual principle
of "what goes around actually comes around".

Who would have believed the unbelievable political melodrama taking
place in Nigeria today and its potentially dire political consequences
just one year ago, when you and your evil gang foolishly thought that
God had delivered the innocent political head of Gov. Obiano to you to

You don't need to consult anybody to interpret a straightforward
judgement by the supreme court for you, i was watching Hon. Lynda
Ikpeazu on Channels TVs yesterday trying desperately to interpret the
judgement to suit her and in the process contradicted herself.

She made references to many supreme court pronouncements that actually
conferred the powers of conducting party primaries to the party
national secretariat and not the state chapters of the party but
cleverly ignored the simple fact that there were two factions of the
party in Anambra state when the national secretariat of PDP came to
conduct that party primaries.

And the very faction the national secretariat aligned itself with and
recognized as the authentic faction is the same very faction the
supreme court in its judgement declared illegal thus rendering the
said primaries, its winners and the subsequent elections null and

While on the other hand, the jubilant candidates of Chief Ejike
Oguebego faction such as Chiefs Chris Ubah, Annie Okonkwo, and John
Emeka can not just replace the sacked senators without going through
another round of elections because they did not contest the March 28
national assemble elections.

So it is most likely that the entire national assembly seats in
Anambra state including that of Chief Tony Nwoye that decamped to APC
recently would be re-contested by all the political parties that
participated in the March 28 national assemble elections in Anambra
state and of course without the involvement the sacked lawmakers .

This supreme court judgement has finally driven a political 8 inches
nail on the political head of Chief Peter Obi and his group in Anambra
state knowing fully well that Chief Chris Ubah (Eselu Uga) the
eventual winner takes no political prisoners.

The God of Gov. Obiano and Ndi-Anambra is indeed a God of "VENGEANCE"

Joe Jideofor.



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