Thursday, 21 January 2016


By Joe Jideofor
One of the most heinous legacies the former Governor of Anambra state
Chief Peter Obi left for Ndi-Anambra is the mischievous creation of
many fraudlent organizations masquerading as civil right groups.
Is this clown Mr Aloysius Attah or whatever he he calls himself really
from Anambra state judging by his name?
Is he living in another planet not to know that there is a global
economic crises that has almost crippled even the high growth
countries such as china and others?.
Is he feigning ignorance of the fact that most states in Nigeria today
except few lucky ones like Anambra state are owing months of unpaid
workers salaries even after obtaining loans and receiving federal
government bailouts recently?.
Is he also claiming not know that the federal executive council only
last week approved a loan of 200 million dollars for a state like
Lagos with massive annual budgets of more than 600 billion Naira?.
This Attah of a character must be suffering from "EDUCATION WITHOUT
EXPOSURE SYNDROME" not to know that there is absolutely no government
anywhere in the world today that is not borrowing to finance the much
needed infrastructural projects including the super rich Arab Gulf
state of United Arab Emirate that borrowed massively in order to build
the wonder city called Dubai.
Gov. Obiano should even borrow more of the federal government loans
that are likely to be written off in future and simply ignore the
ranting of these hungry fly by night groups that are only looking for
something to eat through blackmails.
Finally it is time the state government considers clamping down on
these dubious and mischievous fly by night civil rights "cash and
carry" groups that are now being used as political tools by the
political criminals of yesteryears in Anambra state before it is too
Joe Jideofor

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