Friday, 12 February 2016

Encounter with Governor Obiano thrills Fish Seller

 Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano in a handshake with Madam Awele, the dry fish seller across Ezu Bridge in Ayamelum Local Government Area.

Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano pricing dry fish across Ezu Bridge in Ayamelum Local Government Area.

By Ejimonu Udenka
A chance encounter between the governor of Anambra State Chief Willie Obiano and a fish seller, Madam Awele at the foot of Ezu Omabala Bridge in Ayamelum Local Government Area left the woman bemused and full of joy at the opportunity of having a personal interaction with the governor without recognizing him.   
What could be described as a mild drama ensured Friday across the Bridge when the governor on siting illegal sand dredging at the foot of the bridge, stopped his convoy to inspect the activity and thereafter proceeded to the stall of a nearby fish seller to price the wares.
Governor Obiano arrived the stall and took time to bargain with the fish seller before making his choice and paid for sets of dry fish which were packed into two black polythene bags.
However, to the chagrin of the governor and his aides the Fish Seller shouted in excitement "Obu Obiano bu ife nwa?" the woman exclaimed on realizing that her customer is actually the governor of Anambra State.
Madam Awelle the fish Seller, who was pleasantly surprised at the encounter with her August customer said: “I did not know that the person pricing my fish is the governor. I thought that he is one of the Police Oga that passes here. Chei! I didn't know because of the way he priced the fish, he even asked how much I make in a day and I just told him that it depends on the market day. I am so happy." She stated.

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