Sunday, 6 March 2016


Ndi Anambra , Chief Peter Obi has confirmed through his actions in the past
two years the cynical notions often held by some white folks that
something is inherently wrong with a black man.

Some of us still can not believe that this is the same Chief Peter Obi
that Ndi- Anambra from all walks of life rallied behind in support
through relentless fasting and prayers in his battles with the forces
of darkness that had stunted our dear state for many years until
victory was achieved.

And for the same Chief Peter Obi to be surreptitiously sponsoring
these evil political gangs and allegedly involving himself in writing
false petition against his fellow igbo brother in the name of politics
is simply heinous and abominable to say the least.

Sometimes i wonder whether Chief Peter Obi is actually under a spell,
or something is terribly wrong somewhere, because his actions in
the past two years clearly depicts of a very sad and confused man.

Going to Abuja high court to secure a judgement of inclusion for the
PDP in the Anambra central senatorial re-run election that led to its
postponement when it is clearly obvious that the likely beneficiary
of that judgement is senator Annie Okonkwo is simply the height of
political naivety.

The supreme court judgement of January 29 2016 that restored the party
leadership in Anambra state back to Chief Ejike Oguebego faction of
the party was the final nail on the senatorial ambition of Chief Peter
Obi as far as Anambra central senatorial re-run election is concerned.

And for someone like Chief Peter Obi with all his education to be
ignorant of these basic legal facts is unbelievable, Or is getting
legal advise from some legal dregs like Chief Joe-Martins Uzodike?

Valentine "the liar" Obienyem and his deranged internet tout
Odera Ochanja has actually run out of lies as shown in their desperate
attempts to deny the undeniable, everyday is for the thief but one day
is for the owner of the house.

They are now playing their last evil cards in their wicked attempts to
stop a moving train in the person of Chief Victor Umeh OFR, OHAMADIKE
NDIGBO, from going to his destined senate chamber.

There shall be no peace for the wicked.

Joe Jideofor

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