Saturday, 28 May 2016

Obiano Holds Mid-term Retreat to Inspire Higher Performance

By James Eze

The government of Anambra State is organising a two-day Strategic Retreat for its Executive Council members to enable it retain its cutting edge as the Obiano administration pushes on to a strong finish of the second segment of its first term.


The Retreat which holds under the theme; the Great Push to the Finish Line is a strategic attempt to re-appraise the performance of the administration in the past two years and re-invigorate and refocus it to ensure that it finishes its first term of office on a very strong note.

Declaring the workshop open, Governor Obiano informed the team that going by the feedback he had received so far from Ndi Anambra and other Nigerians who are interested in the state, his administration had been adjudged to have done very well in the first segment of his first term in office.

"I am aware that the performance that people are applauding was achieved because of our collective efforts here. It was achieved because of your individual contributions to our common objective. Thank you so much," Governor Obiano remarked.

Governor Obiano compared the Retreat to a Dressing Room situation in a football game where the team normally reviews its performance in the first half with a view to shoring up its overall performance that would enable to win the game.


"I have taken time to review this team and I can assure you that you can’t find another team that has a better quality than what we have in Anambra State. We have done very well in the first segment but we are going to look at what we can do differently to maintain focus and concentration. We must not lose concentration. We must not lose focus. We must keep our eyes on the ball," governor Obiano charged the team.

Emphasizing the imperatives of team-spirit, Governor Obiano reminded them that "what kills a team is selfishness; the desire by one player to score goals alone. I don’t want to see selfishness in this team. We must work as a team and win as a team. Victory belongs to Ndi Anambra when we do well."

The governor also emphasised the importance of passion and commitment to the overall success of the administration and reminded the team that nothing was impossible to a committed team. He frowned at the usual tendency among civil servants to erect a wall of division between them and political appointees and sued for a greater team spirit because they all belonged to the same machinery of government.

Casting a broad glance at the national economy, Governor Obiano warned that the time had come for states to innovate or die. Citing the growing incidence of militants blowing up pipelines in the Niger Delta as a cause for worry, Governor Obiano observed that states must do something very quick to save themselves from a further dip in revenues from the centre.

"There must be a change of attitude after this retreat. Time is of the essence. We don’t have time. I don’t like analysis paralysis. We must make the second half more successful than the first. This workshop is our day of Pentecost. I expect you to go out and preach this gospel to your teams," Governor Obiano declared.

Earlier in his opening remarks, the head of the state Economic Think Tank, Mr. Mac Atasie had explained that the objective of the Retreat was essentially intended to take stock and evaluate the scorecard of the state’s economic pillars and key enablers and collectively agree how to deliver on the promises of the administration over the next two years.

According to him, the idea was to immerse the team in a mind-set that would enable it see that there are many more great goals to accomplish ahead.



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