Monday, 9 May 2016


Was it a South East governors meeting,or PDP South East governors meeting?

And what was Chief Peter Obi doing in a governors meeting?, or was he
attending as the owner of the largest black owned computer company in
the world from billions made out of selling of "baked beans" before he
became the governor of Anambra state?.

Playing petty politics with serious issues of security of our people
at a frightening period when Nigeria is arguably siting on the keg of
explosive gun powder is not only foolish but extremely dangerous to
say the least.

A group of murderous Fulani herdsmen sneaked into an Igbo community of
Nimbo in Enugu state and callously massacred our people unchallenged
and instead of joining hands with our South-South brothers and sisters
who had equally suffered the same atrocious humiliations from the same
vicious bloodthirsty Fulani terrorists to send a very strong and
powerful message that the two geo-political zones would no longer
tolerate these nonsense from any group in Nigeria, all our so called
Igbo leaders could do was unnecessary political grandstanding.

The arrogant Northern governors and senators forums whose children
brazenly murdered our children in our own land issued an insulting
statements basically telling us that it is an insult to them when we
mourn our dead victims of their wickedness .

If the so called northern governors and senators forums including
governors of some states in the middle belt like Benue, Taraba, and
Plateau states whose citizens had been massacred in their thousands by
the same Fulani terrorists in the past could join hands with their
colleagues in solidarity to issue a statement as one united north
irrespective of ethnic and political differences, then why is it
almost impossible for the political leaders of the former Eastern
region of South East and South- South to come together for once to
fend off a very big threat to their very survival as a people?.

And after their arrogant shameful statement and having realized that
they had shot themselves on their foot, they quickly retreated and
with their political savvy at play, they quickly found one of our so
called igbo political leaders, Owelle Rochas Okorocha as a willing
tool to launder their battered image by leading the same northern
governors who had earlier insulted Ndi-Igbo to pay a fake condolence
visit to Enugu state in the name of APC governors forum.

And while they were busy playing these political hide and seek games
with our tragedy as one north, we are busy making divisive and
isolating individual statements as Enugu state, Anambra state, Ebonyi
state, and South East governors, and Imeobi Ohaneze respectively which
always portray Ndi-igbo as a very weak people in Nigeria today due to
our inability to speak with one strong voice with our South -South
brothers and sisters.

The Igbo speaking people are not only found in South East, they are in
also in south-south and north central as indigenous people of those
zones, and apart from Anioma people of Delta state and other igbo
speaking clans of River state, the igbo speaking Ndoki clan are also
found in Abia, Akwa-ibom and Bayelsa state respectively.

The igbo speaking people occupy three local government areas in Benue
state covering huge land territories and numbering close to a million
people in Benue state, and yet we do not consider them as being part
of us because of our selfish and individual nature as a people, but
when they later denounce their Igbo-ness, we will have the effrontery
to call them names.

About six months ago, the same murderous Fulani terrorists kidnapped
and subsequently murdered an igbo monarch of Ubulu- Uku town in Delta
state which is an abominable sacrilege in Igbo culture, we did not
hear even a mere condemnation from the so called Ohaneze Ndi-igbo and
its myopic leaders because it did not happen in the South East and yet
Delta state is an integral member of Ohaneze.

It is high time this lame duck Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo is re-structured so
as to allow dynamic and visionary young Igbos to provide 21st
leadership in the organization in order to unify the old Eastern and
some Midwestern regions together as one entity with a very strong
voice in Nigeria.

REPETITION OF HISTORY _ Winston Churchill.

 Joe Jideofor

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