Sunday, 8 May 2016

Recreating Social Life in Anambra State


One of the greatest results of good governance is the degree of
freedom created for the citizens to pursue whatever gives them
happiness within the ambit of the law. The pursuit of happiness is one
of the foundational doctrines of the American society and one of the
high promises of the developing world. Governance is not effective
when the citizens live in fear. Nor is it governance when it does not
guarantee freedom and when the night hides with a knife!

Happily in Anambra State, Governor Willie Obiano has a broad
understanding of the intricate relationship between freedom, happiness
and good governance. That is why in two years as governor of Anambra
State, he has taken care of the fundamentals for a responsible
government and set the tone for a happy and prosperous society.

Since seeing is believing; tune in to Channels Television today at
6.30pm to watch a documentary that demonstrates how Willie Obiano has
impacted social life in Anambra State. Titled Obiano: Recreating
Social Life in Anambra State,” this documentary offers candid glimpses
into the promise of the New Anambra under Obiano. Don’t miss it!


James Eze

SSA Media

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