Sunday, 1 May 2016

See ''Em : The ''Ifeajuna '' of our time who parade themselves as Igbo Leaders .

From left; Gov. Ugwuanyi , Gov Okezie Ikpeazu, Sen. IKE Ekwerenmadu, Gov Umahi, Fmr Gov Obi 

There are five Igbo governors. Four of them
accepted to create a State Bill to give
herdsmen a land for grazing. One refused.
Four of them have accepted to support
“ecological balance”. One has refused it.
Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is consenting to that Bill
(Some said Enugwu people are against it).
Okezie Ikpeazu is consenting.
David Umahi is consenting.
Rochas Okorocha is consenting.
Willie Obiano REJECTED it!
That’s the Governor of Anambra State. My
State too.
In a particular town called Umuchu (a town I
have personal affection for) in the same
Anambra State, someone is already breeding
and selling cows. He has a ranch. His cows
don’t graze and disturb the public. His cows
don’t look dirty and repulsive. He doesn’t bring
them out to go into farmlands to eat up
people’s plants and feed on grasses anywhere
possible not minding he could easily find a land
to do that. With such men in all Igbo States,
what would we need Fulani cows for? (That is
for those who cannot help eating beef and
suya. I hate them meat. I only do fish or
chicken. If I do not find them in market, I go for
ejuna no matter the cost and quantity)

Why have other Igbo States continuously
refused to learn from Anambra over the years
on so many aspects of Igbo Survival and
Preservation? Why? From Think-Home
Economy to Igbo Consciousness to even
Education to Business Foresight to Governance
to Management to Self-Preservation to Self-
security; why? Just why?!
As Fulanis laid claim to Nimbo lands in Enugwu
State, they would have tried doing so of Nimo
lands in Anambra State. Some ignorantly say
Anambra has not much land for grazing.
Wrong! They have no knowledge of the
geography of Okija and Ihiala sides yet! Let the
Fulani herders go there and lay claim to some
grazing areas to be their own and see for
themselves! A na-agwa ochinti na agha

Ndi Igbo from other States, rain down on your
governors not to allow the problem they’re
about welcoming with open arms into our
centuries-old Soil. Fulani—their herders and
masters—do not know the courtesy of
‘restriction’. They don’t understand any
language as “balance”, “equality”. They are not
given what they want; they take what they
want. Nonsense cows, cattle are merely an alibi
to the entrenchment of a higher ideal and
cause. Even a Northern legislator from Taraba
State says “reject it”. Learn from Anambra.
Help us to preserve our Igboland and ourselves
for our children. There are hundreds of years to
come on our Soil. The world is not ending with
our generations. Those people are always the
same in every century; we are not. But of all
things we can change to be, let there not be an
iota of them in us! There was once a people
called “Hausa”; today, they are also called

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