Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Twitter just announced big changes to its 140-character limit

                      Pictures, video and @names will no longer eat into Twitter's 140-character limit

Twitter has unveiled a major overhaul of how its 140-character limit will work.

Users will be able to add multimedia to tweets including pictures and video without eating into the character post limit.

And when replying to a tweet, @names will be omitted from the character count.

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said: "We're always going to look for opportunities to make tweets a lot more expressive, and enable people to say what they want to say.

"As long as things are fast, easy, simple and expressive, we're going to look at what we can do to make Twitter a better experience."

Users will be also able to retweet and quote tweet themselves, allowing them to recirculate their old tweets with new comments.

And any new tweet that begins with a username and is not a reply to someone else’s tweet will now be seen by everyone else.


Users have previously had to add a full stop to a tweet tagging another person so that it can be read by all of their followers.  

Twitter has launched a handful of new features in recent months in an attempt to draw in new users, including re-designing the site's timeline so that tweets no longer appeared in chronological order. 

Instead, those posts Twitter believed to be of interest to users based on their activity are pushed to the top of the timeline.

Twitter said the new updates will be rolled out over the coming months.

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