Sunday, 17 July 2016

How Peter Obi refuses to fill up the yawning vacancies in the educational sector for 8yrs .


Peter Obi This Anambra That , aren't the shoes already filled in by the present occupant ,who's already trying a bigger size ? Onye Nwelu Nti , Ya Nulu !!!

During Peter Obi 's 8yrs tenure ,the level of unemployment in Anambra state never mattered. The result is that the indisputable unemployment rate of over 20 percent has never worried him. If that unfailing indicator and manifestatio...n of failed governance has ever disturbed the conscience of Peter Obi, he would have at least done what requires no effort at all; fill up the yawning vacancies.

Vacancies, sad to say, abound in the primary and secondary school systems of Anambra state. All it needs is the prompting of a large social conscience to fill them. But social consciences do not come that easily to men who are devil’s bankers; stacking money in a certain bank’s vault – even if the work force is inadequate, the education sector in tartars and able-bodied men and women out of job and totally impoverished. This of course has a telling result; kidnapping and sundry heart-rending crimes. Please mark that I have not stressed that Anambra was yet to pay its workers the minimum wage of N18, 000 monthly. So as Obi is one of a kind among Governors, Anambra is one of a kind in terms of impoverished workforce.

Yet, why would a sane person, let alone one who is an efficient and remorseless “I-love-the-church-and-God” boaster fail to provide needed jobs for an impoverished populace? The answer was thought to be an ideological stance stolen from a damaged, deranged and totally discarded IMF school of Economics which in the 1980s rated the amount of money in a state’s accounts more important than the citizens’ welfare; now the world has been given a totally different answer – one only a sordid, ruthless, callous, ash-cold and totally indifferent mind could have dreamed up; impoverish the people, destroy the educational sector and then, when all is late and the allotted tenure has all but run out, dehumanize the people the more by making them scramble for the very funds they should have legitimately earned – spruced up as car-shower to ill-maintained schools.

That was how Obi hit on the idea of, during this “injury time” in an eight-year match he was supposed to play on behalf of Anambra state, the eight years in which he refused to fill up the yawning vacancies in the educational sector, or even repair the schools, he has unleashed a car rain on the mission schools – and he is, inappropriately of course, receiving unearned accolades for the very products of his meanness and savage cruelty – as an untold number of fully qualified persons were denied gainful employment just so that some megalomaniac would draw attention to himself and political party as do-gooders.

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