Tuesday, 19 July 2016

I don’t belong to the same party with Obiano but he has done well – Chief Ben Obi (Ojeligbo)

By James Eze

In a recent interview with James Eze, Senator Ben Obi, former Presidential Special Adviser on Inter-party Affairs and PDP stalwart takes a sweeping look at Governor Obiano’s two years and three months in office and affirms that he has done well. Excerpts -

“Two years of his Excellency Governor Willie Obiano, Akpokuedike global as we fondly call him have been quite rewarding for the ...good people of Ndi Anambra. He has certainly made a remarkable mark in the governance of the state and some of us believe that within the reaming two years or one and half years that he has left, he will certainly do quite some more in putting the state in the right direction and in proper footing in the map of states in the nation of Nigeria.


I see a lot of transparency in the way that he has brought about various infrastructure in the state. There are things you can feel and touch. The effort he has made to modernize the state capital and put it in sync and rhythm with other capitals in the world. The blueprint that is in place and the jobs he has done like the dome-like flyovers in Awka which have made the state capital something of a tourist attraction. These are certain things that you can see and feel. He has also done well in Agriculture, which is taking people back to land with his cooperation with the private sector. I think he has brought his professional expertise to bear on the success that was recorded in the past two years. And in a situation where other states are finding it difficult to pay salaries or function and you find him doing things, making things to happen. I think it is a great achievement. I congratulate him for that. You know that we don’t belong to the same party but the fact remains that one can testify to some of the good things that he is doing and I wish him well.”

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