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In Anambra, it could only be Obiano...!!!

On the 17th March, 2014 at Alex Ekwueme square Awka, Anambra; history was made and it was the change of baton from the then governor of Anambra state Mr Peter Obi to Chief Dr Willie Obiano. There were jubilations and celebrations in and around Anambra state.

Sooner than Chief Obiano mounted the saddle of leadership in Anambra state, he brought out his blueprint which is centered On 4 pillars of development and several enablers. He equally unveiled his plan based on 3 Cs ( continue, complete and commission) on all the existing and ongoing projects in the state. He sustained the prompt and continued payment of salaries to civil servants in the state where most states were sacking staffs by giving it several names like downsizing, right sizing or trim sizing etc.

His Excellency Chief Dr Willie Obiano steps up again by improving the collection mechanism of IGR in the state with a serious view of improving it from 500 million naira monthly collection to 2.2 billion without increasing the amount paid by the citizens of Anambra state. Currently, the monthly collection stands at 1.3 billion naira. Very soon, Anambra would be categorized as the state with the most efficient IGR collection mechanism after Lagos.

Furthermore, Obiano who is a man that has four hearts of love for his people. A man who hears the heart beats of his people and knows when and how to make them happy took up the Herculean task of creating a capital city that befits Ndi Anambra. Today, 3 gigantic flyovers are fully completed and being used in Awka. Street lights are back to the streets of Awka, Nawfia, Enugwu Ukwu, Nimo, Abagana and it is going down to Onitsha. The "Light up Anambra Project" saw the first government street lights which was built. And commissioned by Chief Obiano. It is being installed from Nisei to Agulu. Umuawulu community jubilated last week when Umuawulu axis were illuminated.

Above all,Chief Obiano tackled the insecurity problems bedeviling the state for decades to a halt. Today, Anambra is the safest place to live and invest. This great feat led to the opening up many business and employment opportunities in the state by both local and foreign investors and more are still trooping in. Anambra is now an investment destination hub in subsaharan Africa. Tourism started flourishing and night life came back to Anambra state. People now do their businesses without fear of molestation. Kidnapping of human beings for ransome or other reason whatsoever stopped. Ndi Anambra started living with their two eyes closed. People experienced peace for the first time. Before the advent of Obiano, armed robbers chase people but now, people chase armed robbers.

In agriculture, Obiano made the state a reference in Nigeria. Chief Obiano changed the colour of everything in Anambra to green and it means life. Another phase of life were established through Obiano's agricultural revolution. Obiano made agriculture which is the world largest employer of labour very attractive. Anambra youths are now in various categories of agriculture ranging from rice cultivation, fish farming, maize and cassava planting, vegetable farming, snail rearing and animal husbandry. Today, Anambra produces the best rice brand in Africa. Under Obiano, Anambra rice brand took over the south east market. His support for agriculture through Anambra Small Business Agency (ASBA) saw him providing soft and flexible loans to small scale farmers to boost agricultural output in the state.

But these achievements were never done without pains. As soon as Chief Obiano ascended on the mantle of leadership, oil glut came knocking. There was free fall of oil prices. The national treasury suddenly became empty. The nation was almost into recession. The federal allocation drastically and fantastically reduced. From over 5 million naira monthly allocation to 1.4 billion. The paucity of funds affected virtually everything in Nigeria. It is now left for Chief Obiano to apply his accounting initiative to manage the economy of the state. He has been doing the magic and he is telling everybody that Anambra is not broke.

It is no longer news that His Excellency has made Anambra a hub for huge investment destination. It is not over emphasis that Chief Obiano has transformed Anambra from a place of squalor to a place of choice. Anambra cities are embracing a positive dimension. Chief Obiano has restored the confidence trust of investors which spur them to seek for more investments flowing into the state.

The World class Entertainment centre which would provide over two hundred direct jobs and over five hundred indirect jobs will hit the ground within the next one month. The core investor expressed optimism that the state would be better developed than her contemporaries in the south east. More so, the ambience of "A" town would be greatly improved with the construction of this world class entertainment centre.

The centre would have a digital and the most modern cinema house, a shopping mall, an international restaurant, a high brow boutique, a three star hotel with an cosmetic swimming pool, a billionaires lounge and a lawn tennis court. It is the first of its kind in the southern part of Nigeria.

Anambra had never had it so good before now. Chief Obiano is a leader that has serious sincerity of purpose and unity of programs. He is sincere and passionate about developing Anambra from glory to glory.

But he needs our support and prayers to move forward. Anambra is the first state in Nigeria. Anambra is the only state that has over 5,000 billionaires in Nigeria. An Anambra man was the first African billionaire that worth over 40 billion pounds in 1954 (Lloyd bank). Anambra man rose from the angle of the "Vanquished people" to become the Vice President after nine years of civil war. Ndi Anambra are great in whatever endeavor they choose to venture. Willie Obiano is a wonderful man that leads Ndi Anambra to stardom.

Let the spirit of Anambra state we call make us progressives.

...To be continued!

...Odaa Opuo writes from Awka.

Hon Ibeneme Chika (Odaa Opuo)

Special Assistant to the Anambra State Governor on Media & Image Management.
: 08033349614

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