Sunday, 24 July 2016

Peter Obi's Bogus 75 Billion Naira Savings : Inbox from an online follower on N75bn Cash/Investment, Obiano and Serial Liars

Please help me to answer this... Inbox from an online follower on N75bn Cash/Investment, Obiano and Serial Liars

Michael Eze wrote...

"Ifeanyi I'm not a politician and not one of those shouting Willie is working but I want you to clarify this. Who's sponsoring these boys abusing and insulting your Governor on Facebook. How do they generate their lies without thinking? Before they said your oga squandered all the money he inherited, next they said all the projects he did come from the money, last December they told us that he has sold the dollar components of the savings and yesterday they alleged that the savings has multiple to N185bn. Is it not the same money. Spent, Squandered and Multiplied! Please, which is which?


My reply... (read my reply below and give yours)

My dear Michael, please these are serial Liars whose only legacy is blackmail and e-thuggery. They are being paid to concoct stories and throw lies at Obiano, his family and Anambra State Government. I'm happy that many persons, online and offline, are beginning to detect their lies. Most times they think their readers are fools.


First, they said Obiano inherited N75bn Cash... It was dismissed that no such fund existed.

Second, they readjusted to say it is N75bn Cash and Investment... It was clarified that only N9bn Cash and others near cash and Investment with N108bn liabilities.

Third, they said Obiano is selling off the Investment... Obiano shamed them as the investment in Interfact increased in less 2 years of Obiano's administration. Meanwhile some other investments were done as old as 10 to 20 years ago.

Fourth, they said Obiano is selling off the dollar components... Obiano made it clear then that he has not touched any of the "mysterious" cash or investment. They should go to where they invested and confirm.

Fifth, they said Obiano is using the proceeds from the investments to execute projects... There lies were discovered as most of the investments won't mature till after Obiano's first tenure and some others by the year 2022. How can!!!

Sixth, they said Obiano has squandered the cash and Investment... Wise persons asked which money again? The ones that you claimed he has sold off or the ones that won't mature till after his tenure? Imagine!!!

Seventh, they are saying the investment has multiplied to N185bn... Every conscious person is asking: which investment multiplied? The squandered money, the ones used in doing projects or the ones we were told that Obiano has sold off.

My brother...

Like a focused leader, Obiano is not interested in these cheap lies but determined to expand the frontiers of excellence in Anambra State.

Every sane person understands that it takes a seasoned administrator to lead Anambra State to greater heights when you inherit N75bn cash and Investment and N108bn liabilities.

Note... People don't shout but only confirms that Willie is Working.

Let the liars continue lying while we are ‪#‎MovingForward‬

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