Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Stop E-thuggery/Being Idle... Become an Exporter by Planting "Ugu" as Anambra Vegetables Export hits $5m


By Ifeanyi Aniagoh

One of the amazing stories I heard this week is the volume of export hit by vegetables farmers in our dear State through the help of the newly established Anambra Export Programme, AEP.

AEP being an initiative of Obiano's administration helps local farmers to facilitate the export of the usually perishable vegetables from the agrarian communities.


Vegetables production is easy and very affordable and can be carried out by any willing individual.


All you need do is "inform the government of your intention and an inspection team will be sent to test the composition and fertility of your farmland to ensure it meets the International Standard".


Recall that Anambra State Government through the Ministry of Agriculture provides a lot of incentives for farmers which include improved seedlings, tractors, etc.


It takes lesser time and resources than one spends online to watch porn, gossip and live the life of an e-thug.


Look at the faces of the women and men in attached pictures, they are not just farmers but exporters.


Just like the State Government aided Rice Farmers to give us Anambra Rice and many other rice brands in less than 2 years, Vegetables farmers from Anambra are beginning to draw world attention.


I'm happy because we're ‪#‎MovingForward‬

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