Thursday, 28 July 2016

Anambra Export Programme, AEP : Vegetable Export 101

By Mike Ogbuekwe

 Simple steps taken by Anambra State Government to stimulate vegetable export and improve the lot of rural vegetable farmers (model for other states)

1. Partnered with a cargo logistics company, ABX World, and vegetable offtakers who have access to the large UK market ...

2. Identified areas where those veggies are produced in large quantities

3. Sensitized the farmers, especially women, and made them form cooperative groups

4. ANSG paid a UK company to train these farmers on best practices, book keeping/veggies business cycle, allergens prevention, and handling of veggies. They also trained the farmers on 100% organic veggie farming.

5. Staff of the National Quarantine Service visited all farms to conduct phytosanitary tests and certified all farms that passed the test

6. Orders placed to the veggie farmers by the offtakers and export commenced. Vegetables are exported via cargo flights with the veggies packaged in cardboard boxes, perforated to allow air.

7. Orders and sales have blossomed, making Anambra State no 1 government that has instituted a DELIBERATE EXPORT POLICY TO DIVERSIFY ECONOMY AND BETTER THE ECONOMIES OF THE RURAL COMMUNITIES

8. An Export Desk was established to coordinate all export activities and drive compliance

9. A digital control center was set up. It captures biodata of all farmers and takes coordinates of all farms for geomapping and traceability of all products.

The main locations are:
1. Anambra West Onono, Umuikwu, Umudora,Agwe oroma,Mmiàta.

2 .Ayamelu LGA,Anaku,Omo,Ifite_Ogwari,Omasi.

3. Idemili North LGA, Orukwu, Nimo.

4. Orumba North: Umochu Ndike,Ndiowu

5. Orumba South: Eziagu,Umunze ,Ogbunka,Ogboji.

6. Ogbaru LGA: Obioshimili, Osamala,Igbo Ifeanyi Odoekpe etc.

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ChubbouyChristian Freeman said...

Anambra State is moving,this is one of the greater things to come.In future tourism will be another source of economic boost for Anambra State. Well done Ndi Anambra State. Governor Obiano more grease to your elbow.