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I think it will be appropriate for me to say something here. A Chinese friend of mine once told me that nobody in China will be interested in faking any product that is not moving in the market. Similarly we are experiencing a high level of attack as a state on the Internet because the opposition is simply no longer comfortable with the level of achievement the Gov has made. I will use an illustratio...n to confirm the authenticity of the $5m veggie export.


By way of reference anybody can call the following telephone numbers.

Captain. John Okakpu. He is the owner and CEO of ABX World. A cargo airline and he is from Ogidi. He is the initiator of this export program. Contact numbers- 08034007475.


Tunde is the CEO of Boosh Group of UK. He is Yoruba but lives in the UK. Through Captain he brought a group called Eagle Solution from UK to train our farmers.
08125520431 and +447855328550.


Ugu is purchased at £2 per kilo. At an exchange rate of 1.32 to the dollar will be $2.64 per kilo. After training, these farmers are given Certificates and then a three year contracts to be supplying a minimum of 1ton of veggie every week.

Divide $5m by $2.64 and it gives us 1,893,939 kilos or 1,894 tons.


For a farmer to do one ton per week means we need 473 farmers to produce all that in one month or 237 farmers to produce that in two months.

The farmers that were trained were spread in 24 towns in 6 LGAs. At 10 farmers per town on the average we will have 240 farmers. This is just to show that this was not only done but that it is doable.

The huge attraction to Ugu abroad is that it is fast replacing spinach because Oyibo suddenly found out that Ugu is a lot more nutritious. Captain has also published articles on Thisday and Vanguard Newspapers. According to him if you ship 20 containers of Ugu everyday it won't even be enough and so even Camerouns Ghana, Kenya and even Vietnam have started planting Ugu for export to Europe.


No matter the amount of blackmail and attack on this great achievement, the truth is now in public dormain and the export is continuous. It has not stopped.

Anambra is the trail blazer in this opportunity to empower our farmers and subsequently improve our economy. Support the agricultural revolution going on in Anambra State.

Written By John Madumere.

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