Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Sahara Reporters: ''Na the same people''.

I wrote about the unwholesome and unethical system of journalism of Sahara Reporters last Sunday and people tend not to understand my point. I just read about their story on the wife of Anambra state governor, Her Excellency Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano on about threatening to slap anybody that speaks against the $5 million vegetable export.

It is laughable and serious disappointing that Sahara Reporters could stoop so low to even accept to sell this dastardly arranged story. I wonder how Sahara Reporters could come up with a strange story as this. This is a clear indication that Sahara Reporters is being stage-managed by some pseudo-politicians who want to get it at all costs. It is an obvious indication that they are playing the scripts of some clandestine politicians who lack the will power to dig it deep at the polls. Sahara Reporters have cleared the air that they are CASH-AND-CARRY media outfit.

As I mentioned in my last post, Sahara Reporters only jostle for the cash and not the integrity. They lack the character to attract public confidence. All their posts are infested with subjunctive premonitions and biased assumptions. Everybody is aware of their antics and their caprices.

As for your news against the First Lady, you have stirred the hornet's nest. What you succeeded in doing is shooting a mosquito with a grenade . You equally succeeded in looking for the Holy Spirit in a mosque. I stand to tell you guys both direct and indirect gladiators that you have misfired. You got it totally wrong this time around. "Onya unu am ago nkapi".

Her Excellency Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano is a woman with a very large heart. She is the real Mama Anambra. She is Mother Theresa of our time. She is Nne Ndi na-enwero Nne. She is the comforter of the afflicted in Anambra state.

I was at the handover of a house built for a widow at Amichi with a borehole. I felt like crying when the woman narrated her story. I was also at Omasi uno where she solved a twenty years old water problem. She has built houses for the widows and the forgotten in the society. More than fifteen people benefitted through her pet project Caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFE).

I know that this type of blackmail and lies would come up due her unwavering and rising profile. I want to let Sahara Reporters understand that Her Excellency is not deterred by their lies and blackmails. It is even spurring her to do more.

More so, Aba ma Ndi ABA. We are not afraid of you guys. Anambra adigo mma. Take it or leave it.

...Odaa Opuo writes from Awka.

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