Sunday, 25 September 2016

Longest bridge in the southeast now completed

By James Eze

 The longest bridge in the South East leading to the oil fields of Aguleri, constructed within two years by the Obiano administration. Even in these austere times, Governor Obiano's adriot management of resources ensures that the wheel of governance grinds on.

 In Anambra we have a maxim - "doing more with less." Obiano runs Anambra with the clinical efficiency that reflects his years of experience in the private sector. He abhors waste.


 That's why he sealed off all the leakages in the administrative process, set up a technologically driven IGR mechanism to shore up revenue collection and remittance and aligned public spending with his Economic Blueprint.


The result is what we see. Increased efficiency in IGR generation pushed revenue from N500m to N1.2bn per month. The rest is history.


 - Credit : James Eze.

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