Sunday, 11 September 2016

Press Release :I Will Curse any person Who ever Tries to Blackmail Ogirisi and Obiano - By Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka


FACE BOOK SCAM CROOKS BE WARNED!!!!! My attention has been drawn on Useless comments being posted on the Internet that OGIRIS-IGBO has in one way or other belittle the Obiano Working spirit of giving Anambra good governance or tries to shot change the program of 2nd tenor Ebe Ano. Let everyone know that Ogirisi has Earlier Decreed that there is no vacancy In Awka lodge. This press release can still be goggled on the internet. The Ogirisi advice that some aids in t...he administration of Obiano should be changed or sacked cannot be termed that the holistic Governor the state can be proud of has done badly. My talked about menace of IGR agents now has yielded fruits because hundreds of thugs that exhort money from people are now being arrested. Ogirisi as a spiritual leader of APGA and Ndi-Igbo only pin pointed the excessiveness of overzealous and idle people in the system. They bring bad reputation to the Government and they suppose to be brought to book. Any team that may fail to score goal requires substitution and that was why I said let Goal getters be substitute on the team for the coming election. My already released press interview should never ever be a tool upon which sycophants and useless idle face book crooks should use to scam their ways. If any person ever tries to blackmail Ogirisi and Obiano on the face book because of past observed press release that person will be cursed by Ogirisi deity and Chukwu Abiama. Governor Willie Obiano still stands the APGA candidate for 2017 election and the spirit of those Biafra war Heroes giving befitting Burial by Willie Obiano and APGA government shall defend and protect the Governor of all Governors. 


Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka


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