Friday, 9 September 2016


 By Joe Jideofor

  "This is all the more so for someone who trained in journalism where
practitioners are always counseled to be circumspect." _ Sir C Don

Sir C .Don Adinuba, I am responding to the above subject stupidity for
just two reasons, firstly, to correct the wrong impression you have
about the real author of that idiotic trash and plethora of similar
write-ups in the past.

The "MASQUERADE" called ODERA is an illiterate drug peddler based in
China with a fake "STANLEY CHIRA" name,he claims to be a native of
Awka Etiti which is true but there is no family with such name in all
the seven villages that make-up Awka-Etiti community, so he remains a

He must have lived in the United states in the past before re-locating
to China where he was recruited by Peter Obi as an "INTERNET ATTACK
DOG" during the 2010 governorship election campaigns in Anambra state
because he used to attack and insult members of one of the ASA-USA
factions prior to his recruitment,so he has no business whatsoever
with journalism,it is like going to 'IDDO MOTOR PARK" in Lagos to
lecture "AGBEROS" about ethics in Journalism.

The above write-up in October 2015 is his, you can peruse and now
deduce for yourself whether he is lettered or not,this is the same
wild animal "HOLY NWEJE" Peter Obi spent tens millions of Anambra
state money to hire.

The author of that idiotic nonsense and many similar others in the
past 3 years is one Valentine 'the liar" Obienyem who worked as Peter
Obi's attacked dog in the media,as Peter Obi attack dog, there is no
single personality in Anambra state that was spared of his dastardly
vituperations throughout Peter Obi's 8 years in office, so Gov. Obiano
can not be an exception.

He writes and the idiot called ODERA posts from far away China, that
has been the trajectory and their modus operandi in the past 3 years,
luckily for Ndi-Anambra, Gov. Obiano remains unruffled thus

Secondly, to join you in shaking our heads in utter disbelieve that
our so called educated elites could be this primitive and naive in
this 21st century to the extent of cheaply succumbing to such
childish, senseless gossip and blackmail.

If living in AMERICA for decades could not change some of these
shameless characters like this Benjamin Aduba, probably PAPUA NEW
GUINEA would.

Even our highly respected and intelligent Senator IKE EKWEREMADU would
not even look at the above rubbish twice before laughing over it as
one those silliness that characterize Anambra politics.

What is it that will even cause political spat between Gov. Obiano
and Senator Ike Ekweremadu in the first place if not in the deluded
figment of imaginations of these fools.

Gov. Obiano is the governor of Anambra state and belongs to APGA
Party while Senator Ike Ekweremadu from Enugu state is a senator of
the federal Republic of Nigeria and equally belongs to the crises
ridden PDP opposition party, so what is it that make two of them to
even quarrel in the first place.

No wonder secretary of state John Kerry went to meet serious and wise
Northern political leaders when he visited Nigeria 3 weeks ago because
these people are of no political and economic importance to the
American Government despite their huge numbers in America.

,Our problem as Ndi-igbo is definitely bigger than one had thought
if our so called educated elites could be this petty and stupid at a
time Nigeria is sitting on keg of gun powder.

Honestly i don't know what Peter Obi hope to achieve in this "WILD
GOOSE CHASE" adventure because as far as we are concerned, Anambra
state has like most states in Nigeria adopted "ZONING FORMULA" as a
fair way of sharing political power for peace and stability, Anambra
central through Chief Peter Obi completed its 8 years tenure in 2014
before it was zoned to Anambra North whose tenure would run out in
2022 after completing its own 8 years tenure and thereafter it will go
to Anambra South.

So any attempt by anyone no matter his or her political standing in
Anambra state to short-change this arrangement would be fiercely
resisted with unpalatable consequences for Anambra state.

So you can insult Obiano, his family and members of his government,
sponsor venal spurious write-ups against government as much as you
like, but if you dare break this egg, we will not allow you to eat the

Posted by: joseph jideofor <>

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franklin arinze said...

Thanks for that write up.i dont know why peter obi is belittling himself.