Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How Anambra Rose from one of the Worst to the Safest State in Terms of Security - AIG Hosea Karma

How Anambra Rose from one of the Worst to the Safest State in Terms of Security - AIG Hosea Karma

The AIG of Zone 9 of The Nigerian Police Force, Hosea H. Karma recently spoke to The Sun News Online and he was asked,

"The greatest challenge in the zone security wise is kidnapping and armed robbery; how are you working with the state commands in deploying strategies?"

Below is his reply.

"Anambra State used to be the headquarters of violent crimes like kidnapping, armed robbery, murder; to the extent that as blessed and popular as Anambra is with many prominent people who are captains of industries, industrialists, senior government functionaries, very high profile politicians, name it, they found it very difficult to come home; abandoning their palatial homes. In fact, many of their Igwes (traditional rulers) relocated to Abuja and other parts of the world and were ruling from overseas.

"But with the coming of some recent governors in the state, particularly Chief Willie Obiano because I didn’t meet Peter Obi while he was governor; I worked with Governor Obiano and discovered that he is a governor that knows his onions.

"The primary objective of being a governor is protection of lives and property of the people; any other thing is secondary. If people’s lives are not protected; who are the people that will go to the hospitals or use the bridges and schools? And even when they go to school, how are you guaranteeing their safety in the school?

"But that doesn’t mean that other infrastructure are not important; but what I am saying is that Chief Obiano knows the importance of protection of lives and property and he came in with a security vision he called ‘Operation Kpochapu’ (Clean up). This comprised joint team of military, police, DSS, National Security and Civil Defence Corps and other security agencies within the state. He charged the joint team to make sure that Anambra was cleared of violent crimes and made the safest state.

"My predecessor, retired AIG Usman Gwari who was the Commissioner of Police in the state took up that challenge very seriously and laid a solid foundation. So, when I came in, I keyed in and took it to the highest level.

"It was such that The Sun Newspapers awarded him The Sun Governor of the year 2015 and not long after, he was honoured with the Zik award for Good Governance, all because of what he did in protecting lives and property.

"One other thing he did was to build oneness among the security agencies; because there was unity of purpose; so in Anambra, you could hardly notice the difference between military and Civil Defence or Police and DSS; all was working towards making the state crime free.

"Armed robbery was stamped out; kidnapping was stamped out. Throughout my period there, one year and 10 months, we never recorded any high profile kidnap case and some local ones that attempted it; those who lived would testify but others didn’t have the opportunity because of the exchange of fire that ensued."

As we continue #MovingForward, never forget that Obiano gave us a secure State.

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