Friday, 14 October 2016

Obiano Resolves APGA Crisis


In a crucial meeting with APGA's National stakeholders which was attended by all members of the party's National Working Committee (NYC) and key leaders of party across the country in AWKA on Wednesday, Governor Obiano successfully resolved last week's internal leadership crisis in the Party's National Working Committee (NWC), which led to the purported suspension of the Party's National Chairman, Chief Dr Victor Ike Oye by some aggrieved members of the NWC led by the Party's Vice Chairman South East Chief Ozo Nwabueze.

The meeting which was attended by the Party's former National Chairman, Chief Victor Umeh, Nigeria's Former Ambassador to Spain Her Excellency Amb. Bianca Odumegwu OJUKWU, the former National Secretary, Alhaji Sani Abdullahi Shinkafi, and key members of the party's Board of Trustees (BOT) led by Dr Alex Oti who was APGA's 2015 Governorship Candidate in Abia State: After exhaustive review of the issues raised by the aggrieved members of the NWC resolved as follows:

1. That internal dissent, disagreements, and even occasional disputes in the party reflect APGA's robust internal democratic culture which emphasizes due process, popular participation of Party members in decision making and accountability and transparency at all levels of the party's leadership.

2. The meeting, however, pointed out that following the spate of leadership crisis and litigations that rocked the party repeatedly in the past, the Party's current constitution laid out clear procedures for the resolution of internal disputes to ensure their healthy resolution for the unity and growth of the Party.

3. The meeting noted that the current APGA Constitution lays emphasis on internal crisis resolution through dialogue in line with the APGA's motto which is: Be Your Brother's and Sister's Keeper.

4. The meeting therefore praised Gov Obiano for promptly calling party stakeholders to explore internal crisis resolution mechanism to deal with the current leadership dispute in the Party's NWC in accordance with the Party's new emphasis on crisis management through internal dialogue.

5. The meeting observed that although the aggrieved members had raised pertinent issues, the decision to suspend the National chairman and announce a replacement didn't follow the laid down procedures in the current constitution of APGA which clearly states that all internal processes must be followed in dealing with all disputes in the party. In the case under review, the meeting noted that this was not the case.

6. The meeting, however, noted the salient issues raised by the aggrieved members of the NWC and cautioned that mutual respect and friendly disposition and trust must be observed by all party members and leaders in the day to day activities and in the leadership of the party to enhance collective decision making for the rapid growth of the Party as an effective and efficient election winning machine for the transformation of Nigeria into a developed and prosperous nation in the coming decades.

7. The meeting also noted that APGA has gradually become a household name in Nigeria because of its progressive vision and mission and its unique manifesto for the development of Nigeria which stand the Party clearly apart from the other Parties which have failed Nigeria and Nigerians. Leaders and members of APGA MUST THEREFORE AVOID A REPEAT OF THE CRISES THAT HAVE ENGULFED OTHER PARTIES IN RECENT TIMES DUE TO POOR LEADERSHIP, ABSENCE OF INTERNAL DEMOCRACY, AND LACK OF COMMITMENT TO NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL NIGERIANS.

8. The meeting praised Governor Obiano for his leadership acumen and commitment to the development of Anambra State which clearly shows beyond doubt that in the current democratic dispensation APGA is the best Political Party in Nigeria. The return of peace and security and rapid agricultural and industrial development of Anambra state under APGA has made APGA and Governor Obiano the best models for national prosperity and Nigeria's development.

9. All leaders and members of APGA must therefore jealously guard the Party's unity and internal peace through robust democratic temper and practice and a collective commitment to the growth of the Party as a reliable vehicle for the development and transformation of Nigeria into a confident, united and prosperous nation as a true leader and model in Africa with global influence and respect.

10. The meeting ended on a happy note as the National Chairman Chief Dr Victor Oye appealed to his aggrieved colleagues and called on them to join hands with him to work as a family to further develop the Party's huge electoral potential. The aggrieved members of the NWC led by the National Vice-Chairman South-East Chief Ozo Nwabueze and Deputy National Publicity Secretary Chief Jerry Obasi all agreed to sheath their swords and work together as a United team for the peace and progress of APGA.

11. The National Leader of the Party, Governor Obiano thanked the aggrieved members for accepting the decision of the meeting to maintain peace and unity in the leadership of the party as a model for Nigeria. He urged all members of the NWC to reconcile for effective implementation of the Party's strategy for national expansion and electoral victory in coming elections at all levels in Nigeria. He thanked all stakeholders for setting aside all their busy schedules to attend the meeting which was called at a short notice. He promised to establish closer personal contacts and stable communication with members of the NWC and all leaders of the Party.


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