Tuesday, 4 October 2016


By Joe Jideofor

On Saturday 1st of October, I drove to my office to attend to some
pressing pertinent issues as I usually do every weekend, and as I was
about to lock my office, I received a call from a very unusual caller,
a Fillipino friend of mine who had gone back to Philippine to take up
an appointment from the 'PUNISHER' himself, the tough new president of
the Philippine, Mr Rodrigo Duterte,whom he had worked with when Mr
Duterte was the mayor of 'DAVAO CITY' in the mid 1990’s.

And with a lot of interesting news coming out of the Philipine, I was
anxiously waiting to hear from the horses mouth regarding many issues
surrounding his immediate boss, so while awaiting for the arrival of
my friend, I decided to turn on the TV set in my office so as to see
how Nigeria and Nigerians were celebrating their 56th independence in
these challenging times in the country,and the first TV channel that I
got was Channels Television with what looked like a church programme
on the screen but on a closer look, I observed that the speaker was no
other person than our own legal luminary,Chief Olisa Agbakoba SAN
addressing the sizeable crowd in that auditorium.

And as he was handing over the microphone to the moderator of the day,
the next person that was called upon to speak was the former Governor
of Anambra State, Chief Gregory Peter Obi, and he stepped forward with
a thunderous applause from the mainly youthful crowd.

He began by criticizing the 2016 budget especially the borrowing
aspect of the budget but upon realising that the 'BIG BROTHER' was not
listening but equally watching, he quickly and cleverly changed the
topic from criticizing the federal govt 2016 budget to attacking the
state governors with Gov. Obiano obviously in his menu.

He criticized and attacked the very idea of security votes being
collected by the Governors and called for its scrapping despite the
fact that he had collected a whopping 43 Billion Naira of the same
security vote without providing any security for Ndi- Anambra in his 8
years in office.

He boasted with aplomb how he sacked hundreds of workers most of them
breadwinners for their respective families because according to him,
they were wasting Anambra State money that he wanted to save for the
'GHOSTS' forgetting that so many countries today are paying salaries
to people who are not even working using what they call 'social
security grants' so as to keep their families alive and prevent them
from resorting to criminal options for their survival.

He spoke eloquently against the use of Prado Jeeps and despatch riders
because according to him, since he did not use them, they are simply a
waste of money forgetting also that governance is a continuum and
those assets belongs to the State and not the governor.

He spoke strongly against the office of the first ladies because his
wife Margret from Cross River State did not have one therefore it is
bad and wasteful forgetting also that some of these first ladies are
using that noble offices to solicit for funds from some rich
individual and corporate bodies to assist some indigent women in their

Governor Obiano's wife, OSODIEME Ebelechukwu Obiano for an example has
used that noble platform to provide decent clean toilet facilities to
our market women across the state, built so many houses to so many
indigent families, and provided portable drinking waters to so many
communities in the state.

The statement that really made me to switch off my TV's set in anger
was when he shamelessly boasted how he forced the then president of
Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who was on a two day visit to Anambra
state to sleep in his bedroom because according to him, there was no
presidential hotel in Anambra state to accommodate the visiting
president and his entourage and considering the idea of building one
or providing the enabling safe environment for a private investor to
build one was a waste of money.

Concise English oxford dictionary define 'HYPOCRISY' as inter alia :
'SIMULATION OF VIRTUES', ' INSINCERITY', and this is clearly the
character definition of the likes of Peter Obi's of this world, say
one thing today and do the opposite tomorrow.

Anambra state under the able leadership of Peter Obi was justifiably
given the shameful and embarrassing appellation of the kidnap capital
of Africa and here are the titbits.

Under Peter Obi's utopic Anambra state, Igwe Jerome Udechukwu of
Ihembosi and Igwe Lawrence Oragwu of Adazi-Nnukwu were kidnapped and
subsequently disappeared without trace till today, or have we
forgotten so soon the kidnap and subsequent murder of the former
deputy governor of Anambra state Dr Chidi Nwike because his wife could
only manage to raise 5 million Naira instead of 30 million Naira
demanded by the kidnappers.

How about the kidnap and subsequent murder of 80 years old Chief James
Iloenyosi, three days before his 80th year birthday celebration, his
decomposed body was discovered in the bush.

Under the able and wonderful leadership of Peter Obi, Anambra state
witnessed the ugly kidnap of and humiliation of some of its foremost
citizens such as Igwe Robert Eze of Ukpo,Chief GU Okeke of GUO group
of companies fame, Chief Paul Okonkwo of POKOBROS fame, Prince Ken
Emekanyi of PDP, the former Chairman Auto parts dealers known as
IROKO, former Chairman Nnewi north LGA Mr Ernest Obi, a former member
of Anambra house of Assembly, Dr Emeka Aniebonam.e.t.c

How about the sad and pitiable incident of the murder and of a 16 year
old SS2 student, Miss Chisom Nwoye, who was murdered because the
kidnappers could not kidnap her mother Mrs Vero Nwoye, a pharmacist.

Mrs Nwoye, wife of a former member of Anambra state house of Assembly
was driving with her daughter and as they approached the popular
Borromeo hospital roundabout in Onitsha, when a five-man kidnap gang
overtook their car and tried to abduct Mrs Nwoye, but because they did
not succeed, they shot the innocent girl on the chest and she died on
the spot.

The people of Adazi-Ani will never forget the painful kidnap of Madam
Adafor Madueke, an 89 years old grandmother whose two grandsons,
Kingsley Chukwuebuka Madueke 24, and Mathew Edozie Madueke 22 connived
with a notorious kidnap kingpin and cult leader from Enugu state, one
Nnaji to carry out the dastardly and abominable act in order to extort
money from their uncle who incidentally was also responsible for their
education over the years.

They met on December 14 and by December 17, they had concluded the
arrangement on how to kidnap the woman and after successfully
kidnapping her, they started the ransom negotiation from 50 million
Naira before eventually settling for 3 million Naira, they directed
the family to take the money to OBOLO AFOR a border town between Enugu
and Benue states while the old woman was released at OYE-AGU Abagana
on December 24 2013 and she died one week later apparently as a result
of her ordeal in the hands of those beasts.

These are just few of the thousands of atrocious kidnap and violent
robbery incidents in Anambra state under Peter Obi that claimed
thousands of innocent lives of hapless Ndi-Anambra while the Hypocrite
called Peter Obi collected a staggering amount of 43 billion Naira as
security vote without providing any security, the very same security
votes he the federal government now to scrap because he is no longer a
governor, typical of a black man, it is either me or we pull it down.

Living an eccentric lifestyle should be a matter of choice and not a
model that should be propagated or forced on anybody, after all the
president of URUGUAY, Mr JOSE MUJICA in his ramshackle farm and drives
a 1987 model Volkswagen Beatle while his ministers drives the latest
Mercedes Benz cars.

It is simply your choice to keep billions of Naira in the bank while
your children are roaming the streets looking for jobs, just keep it
to yourself and your family because Ndi-Anambra does not need such
wickedness from their government.

Finally Ndi-Anambra are still anxious to know what their 250 million
Naira intercepted by the police in the middle of night was doing in
Lagos, and how many of such trips were successfully carried out before
it was busted by the police?.

In saner climes, the likes of hypocritical Peter Obi would either be
hiding their faces in shame or cooling off their heads in prison.

Joe Jideofor

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Udenekalu said...

You piece is nothing but bull crap. Onye oti nkpu akaje nalu nyii ka ibu. Self restraint and deferred gratification is one of the virtues that ensures successful outcomes, and that is what Mr. Obi is espousing. Sycophants like you would like to bury the dead with valuables as long as your pay master is happy with it and you got paid you alright with whatever.