Wednesday, 9 November 2016

5 Reasons why no Reasonable Person should listen to Stanley Chira

By Ikechukwu Okagbue

As a concerned Anambrarian, I have often wondered why in a state
blessed with so many intelligent people, a certain low life known as
Stanley Chira or APGA Alaigbo should become the one telling our people
what to believe. Ndi be anyi kedu ebe mili nkea bidolo maba anyi? In
what seems like our collective silence, we have allowed a street
urchin who cannot write his own name to take over and begin to dictate
public conversation. Alu emee! While I agree that our egalitarian
nature makes it easy for anyone to rise in our society, it becomes a
pox on our people when we all keep silent and allow evil minded people
to hijack our common heritage in pursuit of their devious ambitions.
The time to discard the negative influence of Stanley Chira on our
people is now. Here are 5 Reason why we must ignore him going forward

1. Stanley Chira or APGA Alaigbo or Mazi Odera (he goes by so many
names) is heavily paid by enemies of Anambra State to run down our
hard working citizens and turn public opinion against them on the
social media. Chief Emeka Anyaoku, former Secretary General of the
Commonwealth, Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe, the Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Roland
Odegbo, Igwe Aborgu of Nteje, Bishops Valerian Okeke and Owens
Nwokolo, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, Andy Ubah, Emeka Offor, Obi Jackson,
Ubanese, Ozo Gidigbam Gidigbam, Chief Victor Umeh, Senator Chris
Ngige, Senator Uche Ekwunife, Senator Annie Okonkwo, Princess Chinwe
Nwebili and many other prominent men and women from our beloved state
have been victims of his vicious campaign. It could be anybody’s turn

2. He has relentlessly attacked and sought to discredit the
governor of Anambra State Chief Willie Obiano and his wife as well as
Dr. Nkem Okeke. In fact, in October last year, Stanley Chira
circulated a fabricated story alleging that Chief Mrs. Obiano had
died. He is very cold hearted and wicked to publish a story claiming
that an innocent woman has died just because he was paid to do so.

3. Unlike our hardworking men and women, Stanley Chira neither
went to school nor learnt any trade or skill that would have helped
him to earn a respectable living. This rounded failure has always
worked against civilized society starting out as a drug peddler in the
streets of Shenzhen in China. He was subsequently arrested and jailed
for several years before a former governor of Anambra State rescued
him and set him up to run his opponents down. How can we allow such a
character to tell us who is right or wrong in Anambra State?

4. Since his return from China, Stanley Chira has never assumed
his real name in relating with people. He uses different names like
Mazi Odera or APGA Alaigbo or twenty other fake names to cause his
trademark mischief. I don’t blame him for using so many fake names
because he is a criminal who lives by the codes of the underground.
But I blame us all for believing someone who cannot even use his own
name to address us in so many of his writings. He never uses his true
picture on his facebook profile either. If he is sincere about the
horrible stories he writes about innocent people, he should at least
write with his true identity.

5. How possible is that someone who writes only negative stories
about people is telling us the truth? It doesn’t make sense. Since the
inception of the Obiano administration, APGA Alaigbo has written only
negative stories about Obiano’s achievements yet we believe him. Can
we sincerely believe that Obiano has not done anything good since he
took over? On the other hand, he is always praising former governor
Peter Obi. In fact, Obi is the only human being that Stanley Chira
praises in his horrible writings. Doesn’t this tell us where his
energy is coming from? Brothers and sisters, let’s chew on this -

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