Sunday, 20 November 2016

Beware of Humans Who Lie & Swear With their Families just to Cover-Up the Lies... I Apologize!

By Ifeanyi Aniagoh

Few days ago have been an interesting learning curve as some persons we call "seniors" in this work have not only disappointed the profession and their families but have betrayed the regard they enjoy from friends and followers.

After I bursted Valentine Obienyem's "poorly hatched plan to smear the governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano" by using photographs of a private jet he captured on the tarmac of the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu which brought in former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar to misinform the public claiming that the governor had chartered the aircraft for a trip to Abuja.

I have received quite a good number of responses and reactions from family and friends. While many expressed shock that Obienyem could go so low in their endless campaign of calumny against governor Obiano for almost three years now, few others wondered why I should engage him as it's against my preaching that young men should not be pushed into name calling on the Social Media.

To those expressing shock, please don't be surprised. For the past 30 months, Valentine Obienyem has coordinated the unleashing of attacks on the person of Gov Willie Obiano, his family and the government of Anambra State.

Obienyem and his boys are out to destroy our dear State in their futile struggle to malign governor Obiano. They have insulted our revered religious leaders including the Bishops; they have attacked our respected traditional rulers; they have maligned our illustrious sons and daughters... Whoever that supports governor Obiano becomes their target.

These same boys of Valentine Obienyem at a time announced that the wife of our governor died in far away USA. These boys once insulted Chief Emeka Anyaoku simply because Chief Anyaoku was made the Chairman of Anambra State Elders Council, etc.

To the few wondering why I'm engaging Obienyem on this against my rule not to reply lie-tellers. Please forgive me, I apologize. Obienyem's action was too childish and not expected of a senior media aide to a former governor that I couldn't help but expose him.

I was shocked to the bone marrow because that show of shame at Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu confirms the story that all the concocted lies against Obiano were actually being coordinated by Obienyem and funded by his boss.

Surprisingly till today, Obienyem is yet to apologize for any of those lies or at least for this trending lie of which he was caught red handed.

I expected Obienyem to publicly say he is sorry or at least keep quiet instead of trying to deny the undeniable through proxies and his gang of online assassins.

Obienyem's attempt to cover up his lies by whipping up sentiments via stories of threats will not help him neither will swearing with his family make him innocent.

While I condemn the act of using the lives of members of one's family to swear just to curry sympathy, I wish to remind Obienyem that his boss, Chief Peter Obi once used his family, in the full glare of the public and on tape, to swear that he won't "play politics again" after handing over to his successor. So Like Boss, Like Aide!

If Obienyem and his boss thinks that they have a bond with the local gods and as such can swear as they like, let them be warned that the God's commandments are eternal and so is fate.

Obienyem and his boss should take a cue from one of our greats, Mr Ifeanyi Ubah, who publicly asked his fans to stop attacks on the governor of Anambra but criticize constructively and immediately followed it with action.

We can't be engaging our youth to become attack digs online instead of exposing them to Social Media Entrepreneurship.

Obienyem and his boss should stop the double life of publicly asking us to pray for Obiano and support him while covertly sponsoring blackmails, media attacks and propaganda against this same man. It's hypocrisy!

We are getting tired of all these mischief and denials. You malign the governor through your e-thugs and quickly run to the media to shout that the governor is after you.

If the government is after blackmailers, why are you afraid if you are not a blackmailer? The guilty is always afraid and a perpetual lie-teller is always the first to cry and swear.

To my followers, I advise you to beware of these humans who lie and swear with their families just to cover up the lies.



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