Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hrh Emmanuel Ezechukwu Obiorah : This is history being made .

By Hrh Emmanuel Ezechukwu Obiorah

 After 2 year of delay eventually God remembered Enugu Otu Aguleri.
And gave them a king After His Heart.
In the occasion we had 17 Igwes in attendance for only Me!. This has never happened in Anambra state before!
And the people of Enugu Otu  Aguleri came in large numbers, over 300 people came to observe the governor performing the occasion.
This again has not happen before!
As you can see my people this is the hand of God. And to him alone be All the glory for ever and ever. Amen!
God has kept me from child till for ever. He saved me from Toyota v8 accident .my car crashed and went straight into the forest uprooting every tree on its way but amazingly My God Took me away from the Toyota V8 accident even before the crash I was thrown out of the car by God’s Angeles no glass of the was broken and i did not die I am still alive.

 Again, The Nigerian Army Shot my entire family with hail’s of bullets, my wife was shot on her neck and my daughter was shot on the button. And I was shot on the back and my 2 hands.
This warrant’s compassion from the army but I said No! Because it’s my God that saved me!
He saved me because he want to make me the king of Enugu Otu Aguleri.
Our God is a faithful God who never fails.
A covenant keeping God
Almost every Agulerian  knows this my testimony and can confirm that it happened as I said.
All this info are documented with pictures and proves even the scars are still on my skin.
My people please do good and be faithful to God !!!

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