Saturday, 14 January 2017

Those Working Against Gov Obiano's Re-election Will Fail Abysmally - Oye, APGA National Chairman

Some of the critiques against Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra State are nothing but nonsense and gibberish from the pit of hell. Nobody is fazed by such jaundiced, malicious and tendentious umbrage perpetrated by a group of fainthearted, armchair, egoistic and sulking critics whose stock-in-trade is run-him-down.
Who cares what Obiano's detractors think about him? Who cares any hoot about their chicanery? What is significant is that the people are happy. No governor in the whole of Nigeria can stand up to Obiano's administrative acuity, political sagacity, ingenuity and savvy.
I have no modicum of doubt, therefore, that Obiano will be returned for a second term in office, not minding the tomfoolery and crass ignorance of his critics and traducers. The beauty of what Obiano is doing in Anambra State is that the masses are very pleased with him.
Those opposed to him are the treasury-looters, mediocrities, hagiographers and other categories of never-do-wells that hide under the cacophony and staccato of their imbecile daily goofs and garbage which they dish out unremittingly to slander his integrity and impugn his character.
Let nobody deceive Anambrarians: only God can decide the fate of Obiano - and nobody else can. Forget the Shenanigans of those that masquerade as opinion moulders in Anambra State today. It will not be too long before they take cover, hiding their faces in shame after they will have been brutally crushed by the long arm of divine justice. Let me warn: Nobody should play God. Obiano is God- sent and he will be used by him to do great things - not only in Anambra State but the whole nation.
The signs are there for all to see. Instead of chastising Obiano and casting aspersions on him, let his critics pray for him to do more for our people. In Anambra State today everything is turning around for good. Our people enjoy 24/7 security, all categories of workers are paid their salaries regularly, agriculture is booming, employments are being provided at a terrific speed, our Youth are empowered to be self-sufficient, human dignity is respected, while indigenes and non-indigenes coexist peacefully.
There are other achievements such as catalysation of development at the grassroots with the award of N20m project in each of the 181 communities in the state, provision of healthcare uniformly across the state, massive road construction and reconstruction all over the state. There are numerous others time may not permit me to list.
The brutal truth is that Obiano is the best-performing governor in Nigeria. He has won numerous awards as a testament to his unequalled and excellent performance. Those working against Obiano's reelection will fail abysmally. And if care is not taken, he will win a mudslide victory. Time will soon tell.

Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Ike Oye
National Chairman, APGA

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