Sunday, 12 February 2017

ANAMBRA STATE AT A GLANCE : Millennium City Layout Aerial View

A wide range of uses including seats of government sectors, offices, educational facilities, low density and single family mansions  as well as parcels designated for resort and convention centre development are the proposed uses within the Millennium City. Parks and other community amenities will be adequately provided. However, a significant portion of the site is dedicated to open space that will serve the entire region as well as the residents, workers and visitors of Millennium City itself.

ACTDA intend to implore cutting-edge planning principles in the design of infrastructure network that explore the feasibility of underground plans integrated in complimentary form with the above-ground master plan to make the city more exciting and liveable.
The circulation framework for the entire site entails connecting to the regional expressway and some existing roads, taking into account the initial mapping of additional circulation routes throughout the site. This circulation framework has been set up in a hierarchy of roads corresponding to major entry or ceremonial roads, internal connector roads, and neighbourhood or district streets.

The Millennium City had been planned to be a modern comprehensively serviced urban area. It is self-sufficient in terms of utility with 24 hours electricity supply through use of Captive Power Source, a central utility plant that will contain reticulated water supply and water borne sewage system with treatment facilities, smart city concept featuring central distribution hub for voice, data and television transmission, warehousing, workshop facilities, Crime Prevention and Integrated Security system, administrative offices and rapid response buildings for security and fire related emergencies.


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